Small Curved Mug, 2 x 3
two-finger handle, holds 8 ounces
Small  Strait Mug, 3 x 3
one-finger handle, holds 8 ounces
Medium Mug, 4 x 2 3/4
one-finger handle, holds 12 ounces
Set of Three Nesting Bowls, also available individually above
Large Bowl, 2 x 5
holds a generous amount of cereal
Medium Bowl, 2 x 5
for cereal, etc.
Small  Bowl, 2 x 4
perfect size for ice cream
Tumbler, 4 x 3
holds about 12 ounces
Small Pitcher, 3 x  2
holds about 8 ounces
Spoon Jar, 6 x 4
Candle Cup,  1 x 3
Birch Stoneware

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                                        or visit my Etsy store

Because the Birch Stoneware is handmade please expect each pot to be
uniquely decorated and for sizes to vary plus or minus one quarter of an inch.
The dimensions below are in inches and provide the height x the width.


Vases, 2-8 inches tall
Vases, 4, 5 and 6 inches tall

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Vase, 4 inches tall
Vase, 5 inches tall
Vase, 6 inches tall
Beer Mug, 5 x 3
holds 16 ounces of your favorite
Large Pitcher, 7 x 4
holds about 32 ounces