The Toad Huts are designed to provide a comfortable, dark and humid resting spot for the most common species of toad in Maine - the American Toad (Bufo americanus).

Encouraging toads to dwell in your garden is a great strategy for natural pest control. The US Dept. of Agriculture estimates that a single toad will eat 10,000 pest insects in 90 days. They have a voracious appetite for slugs, cut worms, earwigs , gypsy moths, tent caterpillars and some beetles. As tadpoles, or pollywogs, they enjoy devouring mosquito larvae. Since toads hunt at night and rest during the day, place your toad hut in a damp, shady spot for maximum toad comfort.

There are two sizes available:
1) Toad Hut (suits an average sized toad) - approximately 5" wide x 6" tall
2)Wee toad hut (for play and baby toads) approximately 3" wide x 3" tall

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